first impressions / benefit gimme brow

It's so hard knowing you have a considerable amount of Boots points just sitting on your advantage card waiting to be spent. So today I plodded (?) along to Boots to pick up the newly released Benefit Gimme Brow. At £17.50 for a tube that could be mistaken for a sample or mini, its not something I would've rushed out to buy with my precious pennies, but after reading rave review after rave review on some of my favourite beauty blogs I fancied giving it a whirl.

This is more of a first impressions post, as I only bought it today and have only tried it once I shouldn't really call it a review. But I am so so sure this is a true wonder product. It's a brush on 'fibre gel' that both leaves colour on the skin and hair - tinting, combing and setting all in one. Time saver, potential money saver - I'm impressed. 

Usually I use a Maybelline pencil to lightly fill in my eyebrows, which is fine. Not brilliant, but fine. When I need my eyebrows waxed, I struggle to get enough definition to hide the fact they need done, and I'm always tempted to try a bit of a bolder brow. In walks Gimme Brow and all problems are solved...

I went for Light/Medium which I think is a pretty good match. I have no idea what the Dark would've looked like on me, even though my hair is really dark. The shade is not too warm either so it looks really natural. All in all, something I'm really excited to try out. What else are Boots points for?

ps. Just taken my make up off and it removes like a dream with my L'Oreal Micellar Water - bonus points!

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saturday 15 march

It's been a long old week. Lots of good things have happened but by Friday I was exhausted and craving a night where I could be sleeping by 10pm - I'm such a granny!

On Wednesday, my flatmates, my boyfriend and I went to see HAIM at Barrowlands in Glasgow. We went for a burger and a drink at Wetherspoons first - nothing beats a mexican chicken burger - they are my all-time favourite thing to have in there. All washed down with a G&T of course.

We then jumped in a taxi to Barrowlands - I've never been before but had been warned it was in a shifty area but was a great place for a gig. HAIM were absolutely brilliant - they played all my favourites from their album and topped it off by covering Beyonce's XO in the encore. The atmosphere was brilliant but I was melting it was so hot in there! Stepping outside for some fresh air was heavenly after.

We had to be in uni at 9am the next day so sadly we had to head back to Stirling on the train rather than staying for another drink.

Thursday night, I went to the theatre on my uni campus to see my younger cousin in his dance and singing show - it was also great, his solo was amazing. Another late night made Friday morning horrible - it took so much effort to get out of bed.

I've been in the library all day today and feel like I've gotten so much further with work. Three deadlines are looming next week and then I've got a week off so I'm heading off for a week of cuddles with Ruby. I can't wait...


This weekend, I've been spending some quality time away from university at home with my parents and my dog Ruby. It's been so nice to have a day that doesn't revolve around doing work - I can get up when I please, do what I please and go to bed when I please. It's been brilliant. This is Ruby.

She is a 14 week old Springerpoo and she's my favourite thing in the whole wide world. I've wanted a dog ever since our Golden Retriever died when I was five and only now has Mum given in. I looked after her every day until she was about three months and I had to move back to my university flat for the new semester. It's unbelievable how you can feel so attached after such a short time.

So, the weekend has mainly revolved around Ruby. Yesterday, I popped into where I used to work for a cup of tea, then we went into town and I bought an Essie polish in a shade I've been after for ages - I saw a girl on the bus with the most gorgeous bottle green nail polish on and I've been desperate for something similar ever since. My dreams were answered in the form of Essie Stylenomics. It's so dark its almost black but when it catches the light its a gorgeous deep green. Longest nail varnish story ever. 

On Saturday night, we had family friends round and we had a takeaway curry and a few gins. Today we took Ruby to a local beach. It was absolutely freezing but she loved it.

I'm heading back to uni on the late train tonight ready to get back to reality at 10am tomorrow. I'm planning to get up early for a run as I'm training for the Edinburgh 10K in 11 weeks. The fear is setting in!

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