This weekend, I've been spending some quality time away from university at home with my parents and my dog Ruby. It's been so nice to have a day that doesn't revolve around doing work - I can get up when I please, do what I please and go to bed when I please. It's been brilliant. This is Ruby.

She is a 14 week old Springerpoo and she's my favourite thing in the whole wide world. I've wanted a dog ever since our Golden Retriever died when I was five and only now has Mum given in. I looked after her every day until she was about three months and I had to move back to my university flat for the new semester. It's unbelievable how you can feel so attached after such a short time.

So, the weekend has mainly revolved around Ruby. Yesterday, I popped into where I used to work for a cup of tea, then we went into town and I bought an Essie polish in a shade I've been after for ages - I saw a girl on the bus with the most gorgeous bottle green nail polish on and I've been desperate for something similar ever since. My dreams were answered in the form of Essie Stylenomics. It's so dark its almost black but when it catches the light its a gorgeous deep green. Longest nail varnish story ever. 

On Saturday night, we had family friends round and we had a takeaway curry and a few gins. Today we took Ruby to a local beach. It was absolutely freezing but she loved it.

I'm heading back to uni on the late train tonight ready to get back to reality at 10am tomorrow. I'm planning to get up early for a run as I'm training for the Edinburgh 10K in 11 weeks. The fear is setting in!

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