saturday 15 march

It's been a long old week. Lots of good things have happened but by Friday I was exhausted and craving a night where I could be sleeping by 10pm - I'm such a granny!

On Wednesday, my flatmates, my boyfriend and I went to see HAIM at Barrowlands in Glasgow. We went for a burger and a drink at Wetherspoons first - nothing beats a mexican chicken burger - they are my all-time favourite thing to have in there. All washed down with a G&T of course.

We then jumped in a taxi to Barrowlands - I've never been before but had been warned it was in a shifty area but was a great place for a gig. HAIM were absolutely brilliant - they played all my favourites from their album and topped it off by covering Beyonce's XO in the encore. The atmosphere was brilliant but I was melting it was so hot in there! Stepping outside for some fresh air was heavenly after.

We had to be in uni at 9am the next day so sadly we had to head back to Stirling on the train rather than staying for another drink.

Thursday night, I went to the theatre on my uni campus to see my younger cousin in his dance and singing show - it was also great, his solo was amazing. Another late night made Friday morning horrible - it took so much effort to get out of bed.

I've been in the library all day today and feel like I've gotten so much further with work. Three deadlines are looming next week and then I've got a week off so I'm heading off for a week of cuddles with Ruby. I can't wait...


  1. the food looks delicious! & good luck with all the work :)

    1. Thank you! So nice to know some are still reading my new blog :)